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Our Learners

In each lesson, alongside the academic curriculum, we focus on a range of learning qualities that encourage each British School of Monaco student to be:


  • Recognising that curiosity is key to understanding.
  • Being able to seek connections and translate success from one context to another.
  • Applying their classroom learning into an understanding the wider world.


  • Understanding that some things can only be achieved with determination.
  • Facing challenges squarely, being brave and able to take calculated risks.
  • Learning from their mistakes to strengthen their personal development.


  • Being able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Always willing to learn new ways to do things.
  • Appreciating the talents of others and being keen to develop their own.


  • Showing respect and generosity to others and being able to appreciate different viewpoints.
  • Developing a range of skills and strengths to develop a rounded character.
  • Developing integrity and responsibility for themselves.

The British School of Monaco