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In developing the learning and social spaces, the British School of Monaco has ensured that the physical environments in the school are optimised to support student learning by creating areas which are light, calm and multi functional.

The classrooms are full of natural materials and calm colours as research indicates that children learn best in environments which do not over-stimulate.

A range of comfortable and flexible seating, including a range of cushions, seats, benches and tables encourage children to move, lean, bounce or stand which increases oxygen flow to the brain, blood flow and core strength. This in turn helps keep children alert and engaged and provides choice and control over their learning environment.

In order to respond to student needs and reflect the school’s values, we have collaborated with Kidzink, a world-leader in learning space design, to design a space that is coherent with our approach, meets our exacting standards and ensures your child enjoys a top-of-the-range contemporary learning environment.

The British School of Monaco