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Central to the effective operation of any school is a thoroughly designed curriculum. Over recent months much work has gone into creating one that meets the expectations of the mission and vision of the British School of Monaco. We thought it would be helpful to share with you the nature of what has been involved in the process, and an insight into what your child will be learning as the first term begins.

At the British School of Monaco we develop strong British social, moral, cultural, intellectual, emotional and spiritual values, within a framework of physical and mental health.

The British School of Monaco is accredited and recognised as a Cambridge school. It offers a Primary Curriculum based on the National Curriculum for England, adapted to meet local characteristics and needs, and an A-Level Curriculum through Cambridge.

At the British School of Monaco, students receive a stimulating and enriching educational experience that drives ambition and a genuine thirst for learning. We place our students and our vision for the curriculum at the heart of everything we do. This ensures that we are best placed to develop confident, adaptable and risk-taking students who are prepared for the next stages of their learning in a fast-changing world.

Our outstanding teaching combines cross-curricular, well-planned and resourced lessons with broader enrichment opportunities to extend and consolidate understanding of the curriculum. Through this we ensure that students’ depth of understanding across the curriculum is achieved and that their learning comes to life.

Within the ‘hidden curriculum’ are two critical factors: an understanding of how children learn, and a commitment to supporting students to be reflective learners with a deep awareness of themselves.

The British School of Monaco

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