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Admissions Overview

The British School of Monaco warmly welcomes applications for the Primary School from families who subscribe to our Mission, Vision and Values, and who are looking for an English language education in line with the English National Curriculum.

We have an open admissions policy, accepting students without regard to race, ethnicity or gender, in a spirit of fairness and  equality.   We will accept students with mild to moderate learning needs, chronic health conditions, and students who have limited English language acquisition.

However, in allocating places, The British School of Monaco is mindful of:

  • The school being able to meet the individual needs of the student
  • The welfare and safety of all students who attend the school
  • The mix and balance of students already admitted to a particular class or year group
  • The school’s ability to provide any additional support required

The British School of Monaco invites all prospective parents and their children to visit us (in person where possible) prior to application, so that they may familiarise themselves with the school’s core values and philosophy, and to be sure that the programme on offer is the right fit for their child.

The British School of Monaco will normally have a maximum number of sixteen students for each class.

In the case of classes being oversubscribed, The British School of Monaco will apply the following admission priorities:

  1. Applicants with siblings already in the school  (subject to the usual admission criteria).
  2. Students who live in Monaco.
  3. Returning former students.

The British School of Monaco may register students at any time of the year at its discretion, subject to space availability, and provided that the student can successfully integrate into the class and complete the academic year.

Placement of Students

Students will be placed in the year group (class)  according to their age.  Without exception, for the Primary School, we strictly follow the English system of age and year group as below:

Age on or before August 31st School Year
5 years Year 1
6 years Year 2
7 years Year 3
8 years Year 4
9 years Year 5
10 years Year 6 (from September 2023)


It is assumed that a student will remain enrolled, year on year, until the end of Year 6. However re-enrolment each year will be dependent on the family’s adherence to the school’s Attendance Policy, successful completion of the academic year and satisfactory behaviour in keeping with our values and expectations.

The British School of Monaco will not accept any financial inducement, donations or rewards of any kind, offered in connection to the admission of a student to the school.

Any attempt to influence the school’s decision by personal approaches to school governors or staff is firmly discouraged.  Such attempts may result in an application being withdrawn by the school.

The British School of Monaco