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Our Approach

The British School of Monaco’s approach to learning combines traditional, well-honed principles and best practice with ground-breaking pedagogical approaches.

Built into curriculum delivery is an understanding of how children learn and factors affecting their neurological development. This is underpinned by a recognition that the 21st century child is required to be a reflective, resilient and adaptive individual who continually strives to understand more about how they learn, and to learn more deeply, thereby maximising their broader growth and development.

The British School of Monaco is a safe and creative environment where students are supported, stimulated and challenged. We celebrate our students’ success and help them to overcome challenges with courage, resilience and curiosity. The British School of Monaco recognises that the ability to endure and overcome sustained challenges is an essential part of the path to success and helps develop character and spirit.

The British School of Monaco’s healthy and vibrant community and culture is fundamentally important to the life of the school. We recognise and value the partnership with our parents as much as the relationship with our students. We involve parents in their child’s learning and engage them in many classroom and school activities, such as curriculum workshops, assemblies, committees, after-school events, sports and home learning.

The British School of Monaco

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