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The British School of Monaco operates a transparent and simplified fee structure. 

Application Fee

Fee: €375 per student

Following initial enquiries, parents are invited to make a formal application.  At this stage, an Application Fee is payable. This Application Fee covers the costs of the application process and is non-refundable*

Registration Fee

Fee: €2,250 per student

A successful candidate progresses from the application stage to the registration stage.  Upon payment of the Registration Fee, the student will be registered with the school and a place reserved.  The Registration Fee is non-refundable

Tuition Fee

Fee: €37,500 per student, per annum

The Tuition Fee is payable in two instalments.

  • Instalment 1:   due seven days after the payment of the Registration Fee 40% of the Tuition Fee – €15,000 per student
  • Instalment 2:   due one calendar month** after the payment date for Instalment 1 (or by the start of term, whichever is sooner) 60% of the Tuition Fee – €22,500 per student

Only when the total fees have been paid, by the date expected, will the student be permitted to attend the school. The Tuition Fee stated above is for the full school year and includes:

  • Tuition costs
  • Stationery
  • School lunches
  • Learning materials
  • In-school technology and learning technology access
  • School trips in Monaco

The Application Fee and Registration Fee are per student and are one-off fees.  Subsequent re-applications in any future years will again incur an Application Fee and Registration Fee at the prevailing rate.

Tuition Fees are per student, per year.

Fees applicable for students joining mid year are available on request.

Additional fees may be charged for musical instrument lessons and some extracurricular and enrichment activities. Additional learning support which may be required above and beyond standard lessons and learning will be charged on an individual basis.

Following registration and admission, there may be occasions when a teacher raises a concern as to a student’s performance, leading to the need to assess the student for special educational needs or similar. In this context, the school will work closely with parents to ensure the individual needs of the student are met.  This may include a need for assessment by external agencies and further/extended support in the classroom. If this is the case, parents will be required to pay further fees for this provision.

The British School of Monaco